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Model-based systems engineering and logistics engineering are emerging disciplines that offer a synergy for integrating the proactive modeling of prototype R & D acquisition and industrial base sustainment support into a framework that characterizes the most influential phases of the Department of Defense ground vehicle and robotics equipment life cycle. This research enhances situational awareness of upstream factors that drive the capability and capacity constraints to leveraging new technology for sustainment risk mitigation. These capability and capacity constraints include sub-optimal supply chain coordination and limited collaboration between government R & D centers. This research also demonstrates how a new business model called the Defense Mobility Enterprise solves these problems, while offering an incubator for model-based systems engineering experimentation and continuous productivity improvement. Through the successful application of SysML, the modeling language of systems engineering, this research concludes with multi-model orchestration, using the momentum of commercial-off-the-shelf tools, providing a strategic lens with which to specify, analyze, design, and verify Department of Defense ground vehicle and robotics technology transition opportunities.


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29 Jul 2022
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